Ratliff encouraging vote for Robertson



This is the year when the leadership of the Republican establishment is feeling the wrath of the American people. However, I believe the Preble County Republican “elite,” have chosen to demonstrate their contempt for the will of the people, by recruiting the ultimate “establishment candidate,” Steve Simmons, out of government retirement to run against incumbent commissioner Denise Robertson.

Denise is a Republican; but more importantly, she is the “only” current commissioner who tries hard to protect Preble County taxpayers from the endless requests for higher taxes. If we lose Denise, every department head and county officeholder will have their dream come true: a commissioners’ office that’s nothing more than a rubber stamp, favoring every increased tax proposal brought before them.

I think Mr. Simmons enjoyed an ample salary as Preble County Engineer for 25 years and he is now the recipient of a generous government pension. If elected, he will have achieved the coveted “triple dip,” adding another $45,000/year of taxpayer income. How much is enough?

Every Republican leader in Preble County runs as a “conservative,” but once in office few govern that way. Instead, I believe they spend their time calculating how to increase the size and cost of local government and scheming to get rid of any commissioner, like Denise Robertson, who doesn’t agree with them.

Citizens of Preble County, send the party elite a powerful message March 15. Show them you are wise to their scams: vote for a true conservative, Denise Robertson.

John Ratliff

Lanier Township

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