Willis endorsing Robertson



I am writing in support of re-electing Denise Robertson county commissioner.

Robertson has proven herself a conservative steward of taxpayers’ money. She has said her motivation for quitting her job and taking a pay cut to serve Preble County was she was “tired of seeing the taxpayers treated like an never-ending source of revenue.”

She has resisted putting levies on the ballot because as she crunches numbers, looks at the current budget and separates wants versus needs, she realizes asking taxpayers to pony-up when it is really not necessary makes it much harder to earn their trust when a need truly exists.

Resisting treating taxpayers’ money like it “belongs” to the county sometimes does not earn “friendship” points from fellow commissioners or department heads who come to the commissioners for more money. I would argue the commissioner’s job is to be the checks and balances on county government.

Denise is aware the people of Preble County have not had a raise in personal income for years and to ask them to trim their budget deserves serious consideration. I argue, though a nice man, Denise’s challenger, Mr. Simmons, is a retired county department head whose focus was on spending taxpayers’ money and would not necessarily transfer well to being a watchdog for taxpayers. The appearance of “double dipping” (retired benefits plus commissioner salary) adds to my doubts about his motivation for running.

I encourage all taxpayers to consider re-electing a proven champion for Preble County, Denise Robertson.

Barbara Willis


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