Writer endorses Horton for CC



Today’s progressive thinking has left the future of the United States of America on a path that endangers the security of our children’s future. As the controlling force of the Republican Party in Ohio, the Ohio Republican Central Committee (ORCC) has the capacity to reinstate the conservative standards of the 2012 National Republican Party Platform in its choice of Party policy and in its choice of endorsements for Constitution-minded candidates for public office. The installation of well-informed men and women of character, commitment, and faith are essential at the state level if we are to continue in the blessing of God-ordained liberties that the nation’s founders intended for us to enjoy, as guaranteed in The Constitution of the United States and in the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

I strongly support Ellen Horton, candidate for the Ohio Republican Central Committee for District 5, of which Preble County is a part. A retired school teacher, Ellen currently instructs adults and teens in the principles of government, using original documents with emphasis on the founders’ original intent. She is a proud grandmother who wants a secure future for her grandchildren, and she believes that she has the knowledge and the courage to respectfully stand on the moral and ethical tenets that shaped the honored character of our beloved nation. Ellen deserves your unqualified confidence. I encourage your vote for Ellen Horton in the March 15, primary election.

Details are available at ellenhorton.forohio.com.

Ricki Pepin


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