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METRO — Research indicates that traveling is at the top of the list of interests motivating today’s men and women over the age of 50.

Seniors are perhaps the most likely demographic to indulge their love of traveling. Retirement leaves lots of time for recreation, and many choose to spend that time on the road. Travel also can be improve adult longevity, says geriatricians at the University of Arkansas.

Those in the travel industry understand that men and women over 50 comprise a large percentage of their customers and have catered many travel packages toward this influential demographic. The following is a look at some of the more popular travel opportunities for men and women over 50.

•Genealogical tourism: This is one of the fastest-growing markets in vacation travel. Genealogical tourism involves individuals traveling to areas of historical significance for their families, such as churches where past relatives may have married and villages where grandparents or cousins once resided or were employed. This can create a tangible link to one’s past and open up more opportunities to learn the varied genealogical history that has shaped a family, and even one’s personal identity.

•Extended vacations: Seniors may have the capacity to devote more time to travel and not be caged in by strict time constraints. That makes them eligible for extended vacations. These can include long-term rentals in tropical locales, several-week sightseeing cruises or guided tours overseas that touch on several different countries or cities during the trip.

•Off the beaten path: Adventurous travelers may not be content to stick to the resort lifestyle or standard vacation options. Active men and women over 50 are charting their own vacation courses with bucket list-style vacations that may be off the beaten path. Travelers who have always aspired to climb a mountain or see a rain forest may be inclined to realize these goals as they get older. Nontraditional tours can include living like indigenous peoples or following the footsteps of early explorers.

•All-inclusive tours: All-inclusive packages remain a popular option for travelers of all ages. These vacation packages charge one price for accommodations, entertainment, sightseeing, food, and many other amenities. All-inclusive vacations remove some of the headaches associated with organizing various components of travel so that a person can focus on relaxation and having fun.

•Singles meets: Single vacationers over 50 may want to meet other men or women in their age bracket in the hopes of finding romance. These vacations double as relationship mixers and give men and women the opportunity to mingle with others in similar situations without the pressure of traditional dating.

By R-H Staff

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