July sales tax up over 2015


EATON — Preble County Auditor Lavon Wright recently issued her monthly financial report for the month ending July 31.

During the month of July, according to Wright, Preble County’s General Fund receipts totaled $792,504.51, 9.65 percent above the estimate for the month.

Sales tax revenue for July totaled $475,860.97 from May sales. The Local Government Fund was at $39,197.62, charges for services came in at $78,678.31, interest was at $49,233.09, fines and forfeitures were at $2,977.94, and other receipts at $28,012.49.

The 1-mill conveyance receipts totaled $7,898.20, with expenditures of $22,000 for the month, according to Wright’s report.


In July, General Fund disbursements total $1,151,701.45, 8.57 percent above the estimate for the month.

Salaries, P.E.R.S. and Medicare disbursements for July were $612,763.13. This was for three payroll periods. Health insurance premiums were billed and paid in the amount of $81,674.66.

Transfers for the month: $ 21,500.00 to Children Services, $491 to TASC, $175,000 to Children Services.

Department expenditures were $260,272.66, and included supplies at $21,805.58, equipment at $22,142.73, charges for services at $180,554.37, gasoline at $4,221.54 and travel, advertising/printing, and other expenses.

According to Wright, the county’s General Fund began 2016 with a cash balance of $3,800,775.40 and ended the month of July with $3,802,674.91. General Fund receipts for July 2016 were above what they were in 2015 by 3.67 percent.

Charges for services came in under 2015 at 4.77 percent; sales tax was above 2015 at 1.94 percent; LGF was down 3.12 percent. Fines and forfeitures were down 21.79 percent or (4,906.81); interest came in at $49,233.09 for the month. Casino Tax collection for July was $118,544.09.

Expenditures for July, 2016 were less than what they were in 2015 by 4.50 percent; salaries, P.E.R.S. and Medicare were up 3.60 percent and department expenditures were down 21.56 percent, according to Wright.

By Eddie Mowen Jr.

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