Letters to Santa: Mrs. Wilson’s class at Bruce Elementary


Dear santa,

Hi my name is jacob.

I like video games. But what some other things.since I already got games

First I want some skylanders first those things that are for creating skylanders. and some weak ones and some strong.second I what to get crafting paper so I can craft some stuff for myself and everyone else to spread joy to my family.third I what to get some new shoes because my dog eats them.I hate it because I will be tired take off my shoes then in the morning they will be eaten.


Dear Santa

Hi Santa i’m happy for you I hope you had a merry christmas I hope you love the cookies and milk I put out for

you there is allot of things that I want for christmas. Allot of people know love you christmas is people’s favorite holiday. You can’t forget christmas at all it when your family gets together It is so happy. Things that I want is pokemon,3ds,xbox gold, laptop, silly putty and that is all that I want. I hope you like the cookies and milk put out give lots of gifts for my sister’s,mom,dad, and me I love christmas I hope you do to I will be happy because I will have fun with my mom,dad,sister’s. I love my family and they love me and can you give 100 coal to my teacher give.

I love art so can you git me a art set for christmas is everyone not just for you it is for everyone.

1,00000000000000000,0000000000000000,00000000000000 should have christmas. LOVE SANTA CLAUS



Dear Santa,

Hi Santa my name is Julianne.I hope I have been good this year so I get the presents I want.Some people say you’re fake

because they see their parents wrapping presents.I think you’re real because my parents go to bed.Don’t get tired on your trip.

I want a teal Apple watch.I also want a Phone or Ipod. I also want toys like a Baby doll. I hope you have a good Christmas.

I hope I get the presents I want.


Julianne Deaton

Dear Santa,

I’m so excited for Christmas this year.My Christmas list for this year is a PS4, Roku TV,Overwatch,Sims 4,and

Minecraft pc.My main gift I would like is sims 4 for ps4.1 have been wanting for sims 4 for a long time.Thank you for all the gifts you have gotten me in the past. I hope you enjoyed the cookies I made for you, I hope you enjoy them

again this year.

I want Sims 4 because you can create your characters, pets,houses.I want a PS4 because I can then play on the Roku tv. I want Minecraft because I can build what I want.I want Overwatch because I want a game to play a game on my PS4.That is what I want this year.


Barry Newman

Dear Santa,

I want a Penn state vs. Ohio state J.T Barrett jersey.Also I want a hoverboard. But I really want to know do you help your elfs make the toys? And is it hard to make them?

What is it like to be the boss of a bunch of little elfs? If you can try and answer these

questions. One more question can I hitch a ride to the North Pole?


Dylan gamble

P.S.I also want a nerf rival hurricane.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want 6 different categories of toys. (1) Cod ww11, a new xbox one controler, rocket league, a new headset, overwatch, and minecraft story mode. (2) I also want moose stuff, mario stuff, and minecraft stuff. (3)I want an itunes card, new headphones, and an Ipod. (4) I want a new soccer ball, sled, kickball, and a bouncy house. (5) I want a treadmill, a punching bag, and a new bike. (6) I also want a paintball gun, a beebee gun, and i want to go hunting.

Hey santa are you really fat? Do the reindeer actually eat carrots? How many toys do you make each christmas? Am I on the naughty list? Have your buck fought before over a doe? Do you count the day’s till Christmas?


Aidan Foster

Dear Santa.

I have been super good this year and when.i was helping mom i did the dishes and she love that so much. I have a ? do you really see us we were sleeping and you know when we’re awake that’s stalking us.

What i want for christmas .computer .ipadA wheeler.punchbag.paint.my own room.candy.other stuff.i have been so good this year so please please please bring me my toys because i have been so so so good and if I don’t get toys my mom and dad I they will be mad so please please bring me my presents.

Sincerely Ava Buchholz

Dear Santa,

I want a tablet,a phone, close for my puppy Maia and a computer.Do you think that we are going to get a elf on the shelf?How are the elves?How do you make the toys?What kind of magic elves get.

Where do you live?What time do you come to my house?I would like

three board games I would like Sorry, Monopoly and Candy Land.How many elves do you have?How much snow do you get in a year?



Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Something I want for Christmas is gym shoes, a computer, and a camera. Also I want Deal With it Shades. And I have questions. But I will save those but I want a sweatshirt too.

My first question. What’s your favorite food? What’s your age? How much do you weigh? That is all my questions.


Connor C

Dear Santa,

I have been really good this year have you been good this year .I want alot for christmas this year. (Examples) like madden NFL 18 (National football league) and I want a Nintendo Switch because i’m switchin’ it up. And a bunch of other items etc books headphones itunes card and that’s mostly It.

I have no idea where I’m going for christmas this year. I get presents from 4 different places.And I get a bunch of toys. I go to my dads and get the majority of my presents there. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

your friend,

Blake Roberts

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is, a scarf and some new shoes. I want some friendship bracelets. I also want some new games. I want a soccer ball and a basketball. That’s some I want for Christmas.

I have a few questions for you. How old are you? Do you work with the tooth fairy? How big is your workshop? How long do you sleep til Christmas? For my last question are your elf’s nice?


Sydney Brower

Dear Santa,

I want a Xbox One with Madden 25, I want two hoverboards, a drone. I also want a football, and headphones,

and a phone. I also want a Ohio State helmet, and a Ohio State jersey, and a Ohio State poster. I really want football

stuff. I also want a mini bike. I also want a dirt bike. I also want a camera. I want nerf gun. I also want a BMX Bike. I also want dirt bike gear so I will not get hurt that bad when I wreck. I want clothes, and money for Christmas.


Cole Marcum

Dear Santa,

How old are you and how long did take you to grow your beard?For christmas I want hunting supplies. I am 10 and I want to know if it is fun in the North Pole?My favorite reindeer is Rudolph. I love the Rudolph movie.

I want to ride in your sleigh.I want to play with you and your reindeer. I will take care of them if you need a deer sitter. Is it hard to get reindeer food? I really want to come to your place and have a good time.That’s what I want to do.


Cayden Apking

Dear Santa,

For this Christmas I will be out of town. So because of that can you please bring my gifts early. The best time would

be on the 16th of December. That is why you need to bring my gifts early.

This is what I want for Christmas: I would like some minecraft toys and a hoverboard. Plus a little live pet kitten,

a kitty condo for my cat, and an Xbox. I would also like a big trampoline, Youtubing gear, and dominos. I would also like some minecraft lego sets, an Iphone, and a computer. Oh and I forgot I would also like a slime kit.


Lilah Ober

Dear Santa,

I want to know if your elves work all day? Does Mrs. Claus make you have a good diet? Is it hard being Santa? How many cookies do you eat in a day? How much elfs do you have?

What I want for Christmas is lots of lego sets. Also, I want the movie Wonder. Also I want Christmas PG’s. Then I want the book Ugly. That is mostly what I want and I want to be grateful.


Piper Campbell

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want a llamacorn sweatshirt. I also want a unicorn bed set. Another thing I want is a power sheels car. I want clothes from Justice, also $40.

I want a bigger TV. I also want the movie Wonder for DVD not Blu-Ray. I WANT MORE CANDY CANES!! I want more school supplies and slime supplies. That’s what I want for christmas.


Madison Adams

Dear Santa,

I want a ps4 with a lot of games. I want a fast R/C truck. I want an xbox one x and a lot of games. I want an xbox $100 gift card. I want a razor dirt bike.

I want a toy train. I want Call of Duty WWII. I want a dirt bike. I want GTA 5/6 on xbox one. I want Madden NFL 18 on xbox one x. That’s what I want from santa.


Troy Alfrey

Dear Santa,

First, Merry Christmas I am also trying to facetime you. I have been very good this year. For Christmas I want teal bed covers also emoji pillows also a fish. I am really trying in school but I don’t wanna get held back. Also, I want a new computer for Christmas.

I am so excited for Chippy to come. Chippy is my elf. Every time hippy comes in the morning I’m worn out and he makes everyday better. No one told me that you can touch your elf on Christmas day. Only my mom told me, I want some makeup like my moms. This year I want a tiny present from my elf.

Sincerely, Kylee Jimenez

Dear Santa,

Hello how are you doing.I am nine years old.I do not know how old you are. I want all of the stuff that I said I want for Christmas and chocolate coal. I like candy.Do you?

I like to read.Is that a hobby you do?Make sure to give my dogs big bones. I painted a nutcracker for you and my elf and reindeer.I hope you and the elfs are doing good.I will make sure to give you cookies and milk.


From:Evan Jones

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Adessa and I am 9 years old. I hope that you are all rested up from delivering presents last year. I want you to know that I have been very good this year,and I listened to my parents.

This year would really like a New phone,Big box of shopkins,L.E.D light shoes,American girl doll.Fish.

Thank you for all of the presents that you gave me last year. Please say hello to the reindeer. I love to watch the christmas movies that have all of them flying around.





Xo xo

Dear Santa,

The main thing I want for christmas is a turtle.

Next on my list is a rc helicopter or a rc drone.

After that I want a new kindle for my sister because her old one’s screen cracked.

Next I want a new xbox 1 controller.

Next i want Mrs.Fugate to get all the Mcdonalds coke she wants

Last I really want peace in the world!

From your friend, Lorelai Birchard

Dear Santa,

This year I want a big tote to give to the poor kids. And I want a new phone. Also a PS4 for christmas. P.S. I’ve been a good boy. Also lay your hands on Brayden Ballinger. The reason I want a tote is to put toys in it and go to different homeless families and give them toys and go to different hospitals. Also do you and your rendeers ever get a break while passing out gifts?

A good kid,

Aiden Beachler


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