Hamilton supporting votes for Vonderhaar



This letter is to encourage Preble County voters to choose Rachael Vonderhaar for Preble County Commissioner. Why? An effective, elected public official is trustworthy, honest, intelligent, and transparent to say the least. Without a doubt, Rachael Vonderhaar meets these qualities and will serve the citizens of Preble County with integrity.

There are many things about Rachael Vonderhaar that should appeal to voters. She brings a vast amount of leadership experience from the local, state, and national levels with her work over the years on the various community and ag-related groups she serves. I am encouraged by her wealth of knowledge on issues and her commitment in being transparent to constituents.

In the past, I have been complacent on how our elected, local officials have served the community. That was a mistake on my part. I now know that more needs done to make sure the community is informed on matters and that elected leaders are doing their job to the best of their ability and are held accountable. I am putting my trust in Rachael Vonderhaar to serve the folks of Preble County. I encourage Preble County voters to do the same.

Karen Hamilton


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