Marshall supporting Vonderhaar for commission



As is with most elections, this year we have a choice for Preble County Commission. We don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils. We can make a positive change in the commission by bringing back common sense and service with a vote for Rachael Vonderhaar on March 17.

Rachael and I have worked together in Ohio Agri-Women and American Agri-Women. Rachael can be counted on to dig in and get the job done. She is the treasurer of Preble County Habitat. Rachael has done an amazing job both as treasurer and on the executive committee. Rachael is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Preble County Juvenile Court. She makes a difference in the lives of children. She also serves on a variety of Agricultural Boards. You can find her activities at .

Rachael is always up for a challenge. Whether a friend calls ands says that she needs help or if Rachael discovers an issue that needs to be addressed, she will get the job done. She can organize, lead meetings, offer suggestions and pull her boots on, so to speak, and get, whatever the job is, done.

I am happy to call Rachael a friend. Because I know her and because of what I have seen her do, I am going to be thrilled to call her commissioner. She will make a much needed, positive change to the Preble County Commission. Please join me in voting for Rachael Vonderhaar on March 17.

Jane Marshall


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