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Today I would like to share with everyone a few career thoughts and highlight another outstanding Preble County business.

As a country, we have been built on the concept of hard work, innovation, and being personally and financially rewarded for both. As I meet with our students we talk about the importance of these concepts and how to provide our very best to our employers.

I encourage our students to have a good work ethic that includes showing up to work every day and on time. I also share the importance of having a clear mind that is free of un-prescribed drugs to help assure a safe work environment for themselves and others. And finally, the commitment to put forth an honest effort and apply their skills to their daily work.

I truly believe that these foundational concepts are what has made our country successful in the past and only hope that we can continue to perform all of our efforts in this same manner to ensure our future.

Now, with that said, I want to share another local business success story: our very own Remagen, Inc. Remagen’s products include Henny Penny food service equipment, commercial refrigeration, merchandisers, smokers, ice machines, pizza ovens, ranges, griddles, convection ovens and other foodservice products.

To back up its broad product offerings, Remagen provides installation, service, maintenance, and parts through an extensive service organization. Educational training seminars are conducted on-site and in their fully equipped training room called Café Remagen.

Remagen’s mission is: Our destination…To add exceptional value to the product. Remagen’s name, logo and mission statement are each registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

I recently met with second-generation owner and President, John Tuggle. As we talked, I asked John for his “words of wisdom” as it pertains to his business and our current and future workforce here in Preble County. He shared the following as some of the areas his company has focused:

GROWTH — We value our past growth and projected growth in our future.

Remagen is in the eyeball business. Our sales representatives are in front of our customers at their location, at Café Remagen, and at trade shows.

The growth of Remagen is best illustrated by comparing the original warehouse, an 80 square foot milk house on the family farm to the current 26,000 square foot facilities in downtown Eaton.

Remagen began as Henny Penny’s smallest distributor in 1975. Today, Remagen is now a top 10 distributor in North America.

We are strategically located in Eaton, which is in the middle of our marketing area as a wholesaler of foodservice equipment to a dealer network in six states.

CAFÉ REMAGEN — We provide training for customers to learn the necessary skills to be successful.

We have customers from a tristate area come into Café Remagen for foodservice demonstrations. While visiting Café Remagen the customer is part of the Remagen Experience.

SAFETY — We want our employees to be safe.

Annually, every employee’s driving record is audited. Each year our corporate vehicles total around 250,000 miles. Our 2020 audit showed zero points for employee’s corporate and personal miles.

We have service technicians in Ohio and Indiana servicing foodservice equipment. Remagen’s parts department provide daily foodservice parts needs that are shipped by UPS and FedEx to our Authorized Service Agents.

LONGEVITY — We have a culture that employees appreciate.

Our average employee longevity is at 22 years with our solid business culture also contributing to employee and customer longevity.

Our interview system includes three interviews with a third interview where a spouse, family member or friend is invited to attend.

All departments are energized to have the company profitable, thus adding to profit sharing. We have a long-term employee benefit in profit sharing that is paired with 401k benefits. The long-term concept is what we subscribe to.

Our roundtable management style includes all employees to address any challenges and to make continuous improvements.

Each of our sales representatives are in charge of their area. They are the President of that territory.

HONORING HISTORY — We value preserving and using our downtown.

Mr. Tuggle explained that his father was a “history buff” and one of the founding members of the Preble County Historical Society. He is proud to share that Remagen has invested into the Eaton downtown and helped to preserve some of its history as it successfully operates in their 1950 Office which is 71 years old, a 1921 Warehouse (rebuilt in 2000), and a 1885 historic Livery Stable that is 136 years old! All of these buildings total to 26,000 square feet of operations space which have been refurbished over the past 10 years.

As Remagen celebrates their 60th anniversary this year, I wanted to share just a little more about this great local company from their website:

“Since 1961, Remagen has bridged the gap between manufacturer and dealer in the foodservice arena. We are recognized as a Top 5 Distributor and Top 5 Manufacturer Representative in the United States for several manufacturers. Remagen serves several key markets, including supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, schools, and other foodservice operations. We serve Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.”

To learn more about Remagen please visit their website at, or if you have other comments for “Career Corner,” please share those with the Preble County ESC Career Connections Director at [email protected].

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