These last 100 days


Dear Class of 2021,

We have 100 days left in this stage of our lives. In 100 days we will be closing our lockers for the last time. In 100 days we will be saying most of our final goodbyes before we all travel on our separate paths. In 100 days we will be moving on from our childhoods and into the real world.

This is a really big moment for all of us – not only because of what happens after, but because of what we choose to do during it. I strongly encourage you to use this time to fix broken ties, strengthen your friendships and get connected before we all leave. Give back to the same community that’s raised you from the ground up. Don’t just focus on what’s happening in the building, focus on what there is to help around it.

Use this time to prepare for your future. Get prepared to enter the work force, get those last college applications in, get ready for what’s coming next.

Most importantly, spend time with those around you. These are the memories that we’re going to look back on in the future, make them count. 100 days can seem like a long time, but it’s going to move fast – and it already is. Don’t wait until tomorrow, make it happen today.

I wish you all the absolute best for these next 100 days and whatever follows them. I really hope to see all of you follow your dreams and achieve your goals. It’s been fantastic to see how far we’ve come, even just in these last 14 years. Let’s get things done and finish this chapter in our life.

See you at graduation,

Jake White

2021 EHS Student Council President

By Jake White

2021 EHS Student Council President

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