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Even though old man winter has been rearing his ugly head lately, springtime is just around the corner. Before long, we’ll be sensing what A.A. Milne had in mind when he wrote, “She turned to the sunlight, And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: ‘Winter is dead’.” As the days grow longer, many of us are already making plans for spring.

Springtime to us at the Preble Soil and Water Conservation District means our annual Tree Sale. Whether it is for reforestation, wind protection, shade, ornamental, or wildlife purposes, there’s likely something in our tree sale lineup that would appeal to you.

In the evergreen department, Black Spruce is back in our sale after a long absence. If you need to replace a Blue Spruce that has succumbed to disease in recent years, the Black Spruce is a good choice. Like always, White Pine and Norway spruce are still for sale.

While nothing can really take the place of the many ash trees whose lives were cut short by the ash borer and whose trunks were cut short by the chainsaw, many of our large hardwoods could be a close second for replacing the ash. The hardwoods available are: Tulip Poplar, Black Gum, Black Walnut, Chinkapin Oak, Basswood, and Shellbark Hickory. Also available are six different small trees and shrubs, many which are edible to wildlife and humans alike. These include American Plum, Thimbleberry, Nannyberry, and others.

For all the vegetable gardeners out there, Jersey Knight Asparagus is available. While it does take a few years to fully develop, it is worth the wait. We also have four different perennial flowers for sale, including Coreopsis, Bee Balm, Great Blue Lobelia, and Joe Pye Weed.

To get more information on the Preble Soil and Water Conservation District Tree Sale, please call us at (937) 456-5159, or stop by the office at 2789 US RT 35 E in Glenwood. You can also download an order form from our website at Orders must be received by March 5.

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