Looking forward to Ohio In-Demand Jobs


Well, seniors, you have a month! You are in the home stretch! This is both an exciting and slightly scary time, but I know that you “have this.”

Each of you have so many opportunities in your future, but I want you to approach each of those opportunities with an open and thoughtful mind. As we have met in group and/or individual meetings we have often talked about keeping as many doors open as possible. As we approach May, I want to share with you and others that the first full week (May 2-6) is declared as In-Demand jobs week in Ohio.

As stated on the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation website, “In-Demand Jobs Week is the statewide celebration of the jobs, industries, and skills that are in-demand in Ohio. Community leaders statewide are encouraged to partner in planning engaging virtual events and activities that will inspire excitement and awareness among students and job seekers. This year we will be highlighting Ohio’s top jobs that pay more than $50,000 per year and don’t require a degree or years of training – just a credential.”

You may ask, how do they determine Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs?

The aforementioned website goes on to share: “In-demand jobs are those that have a sustainable wage and a promising future based on the projected number of openings and growth. The following criteria are used to define an “in-demand job” in Ohio:

• 80 percent of state median wage, $14.90 per hour, or more;

• Annual growth in the number of jobs higher than the statewide average of 20; or

• Annual job openings are greater than 620.”

I would have to say that in Preble County we are very fortunate to have many of those In-Demand job opportunities available through great employers who have their worldwide headquarters right here or that have working facilities here as a part of their international business! For those starting their career or making a career change, the opportunities are boundless for those who are willing to dedicate a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn as they earn a good living.

For more information and to access a searchable database of Ohio In-Demand jobs, please visit https://topjobs.ohio.gov/top-jobs-list.


By Harol Niehaus

Guest Columnist

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