New Preble VSO ready to make an impact


EATON — New Executive Director of Preble County Veterans Services, Veteran Services Officer Keith Carr, is very excited to get started making an impact on the community.

Carr spent 20 years in the military and retired in 2014 as a U.S. Navy Chief petty officer.

Carr is originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania. He joined the Navy where he met his wife, Jessica, with whom he moved from his hometown to start his life in Ohio with her and her family. Carr said he enjoys motorcycles, scuba diving, and being a soccer dad.

Carr went to Ohio University and received a bachelor’s degree in Supply Management, where he learned all things involved in management like accounting, human resources, and various programs. He plans to continue his education and earn his master’s degree next April. He said he wanted to prove to his daughter that education is important and that he can achieve his goals.

Carr started his path in veteran services in 2019 with Montgomery County Veteran Services. In January 2022, he would often come from Montgomery County to Preble County to help out. When the interviewing processes opened in Eaton to fill the vacant VSO position, Carr applied and successfully got the job on March 7.

Since coming on board, Carr has been working hard to reach out and inform veterans of their resources around the county. In his day-to-day work, Carr works with the Veteran Affairs (VA) to file claims for veterans. He also oversees the Preble County Veteran Services Office and all of its daily functions.

Preble County Veteran Services provides services including emergency financial assistance and transportation through Miami Valley Community Action Partnership. Carr is also excited to inform the veterans of a new dental cleaning program. “It’s a yearly cleaning and health check to make sure that their oral hygiene is good,” he said.

Just last month, VSO Carr and his team helped approximately 80 different Preble County veterans or their dependents. Veteran Services’ help is not just for veterans. Services can be used for qualifying dependents as well.

Carr loves the new position. “Oh, I love it! It is the best job in the world,” he said. “Even though every job comes with its challenges it is still rewarding to help veterans.”

According to Carr, the biggest challenge is finding the right assistance someone needs. To do this, he works with other county agencies, including Preble County Job and Family Services, Miami Valley Community Action, the HIT Foundation, the Council on Aging, and many more.

“So if we can’t provide assistance for something, we can at least guide that veteran,” he said.

Keith Carr is the new Executive Director of the Preble County Veterans Services office. Carr is the new Executive Director of the Preble County Veterans Services office.

By Callista Kisling

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