Preble SWCD seeks supervisor candidates


PREBLE COUNTY — The Preble Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is seeking individuals devoted to the conservation of natural resources in Preble County.

Established in 1949, the District serves landowners and county residents by providing education and assistance with natural resource concerns, whether it is for agricultural production, forestry, or recreational purposes.

The Preble SWCD is governed by a five-member board of county residents who serve staggered 3-year terms.

Each fall, an election is held to select either one or two supervisors to serve for the next three years. Board members attend one regular meeting per month in addition to serving on various committees to direct the district and address local priorities.

Any resident 18 years of age or older who resides within Preble County can seek election to the SWCD Board of Supervisors.

Names can be placed on the ballot in one of two ways. Candidates can be nominated by the SWCD nominating committee. This committee works throughout the year looking for candidates who are interested in the conservation and protection of natural resources within the county.

Interested individuals may contact our office to obtain a copy of the nomination petition form. Potential candidates need to secure at least 10 signatures from residents and/or landowners from the county and submit the petition to the SWCD.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts, located in all 88 Ohio counties, are political subdivisions of the state government. The district is funded by the Preble County Commissioners, and county funds are supplemented by funding from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

For more details about serving as a Preble SWCD Supervisor contact the Preble SWCD at 937-456-5159.

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