Camden dedicates marker to Kevin Fogt


CAMDEN — Members of Camden Village Council held a dedication ceremony on Thursday, June 23, at Camden Town Hall, in memory of Kevin Fogt, who helped during the phase one remodeling of the Camden town hall and passed away Oct. 30, 2021.

Kelly Doran addressed Fogt’s family and friends who were gathered to pay their respects.

“We are dedicating this marker tonight in memory, and accomplishments of Kevin Fogt,” Doran said. “Without Kevin, it is very unlikely this project would have been completed and this building saved. It was Kevin’s quiet confidence, and single-minded determination that helped us navigate through so many difficulties to what we are able to see, and appreciate and so love today. This is Kevin’s work, inside and out, and you all got to see that. Kevin did all of this work outside, replacing this brick, and did so without complaint, and it was a hard job. I still think he was underpaid for that, but I couldn’t convince him to raise his bid, but he went on with it and he did it.”

“Few know that Kevin became ill at the beginning of the project and landed in the hospital with several stints. He could have quit. Many would have. But, against doctor’s orders, he was right back at it.

“Many said this building could not be saved. That it was impossible, that it was too far gone and should be torn down,” Doran continued. “They might have been right. But, fortunately for us, we knew Kevin. Kevin had a very unassuming, but confident manner. When a problem would arise, we would say, ‘Kevin, what are we going to do?’ Without hesitation, he would look up with that broad grin and say, ‘Oh I can do that,’ or, “we’ll get it, you’ll see.’”

“And the proof is standing here beside us, in all her restored glory,” he continued. “He was right. Our hope is that this beautiful old building that holds so many special memories for so many of us, holds just one more special memory to the family of Kevin. And as long as it stands, remain a living testimony to his life, his work and his determination. We owe Kevin, and his family, a huge debt of gratitude. So, it is to his memory, and with that gratitude, that we dedicate this marker, on this Thursday evening, June 23, 2022. Here it is. In memory of Kevin Fogt, for his dedication and hard work, for the restoration of phase one to this beautiful building. So, thank you very much and thank you to Kevin’s family, and thank you to Kevin.”

According to Fogt’s obituary from Bale’s Funeral Home, “He had been a member of the PCPL for many years, as well as the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2202. Kevin enjoyed camping, off-roading, boating, and working on cars and motorcycles. As a Master Mason for over 40 years, he was also known to be a jokester who would wear his daisy dukes and work boots. Kevin will be remembered for having a heart of gold and would help anyone in need, including close to 60 people by being an organ and tissue donor.”

Dedication marker to Kevin Fogt marker to Kevin Fogt

Kevin Fogt’s family and friends attended the dedication to his work at Camden town hall. Fogt’s family and friends attended the dedication to his work at Camden town hall.

By Nathan Hoskins

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