Township waterline project progressing


CLAY TOWNSHIP — The trustees learned progress is being made in the plans to install a waterline on a section of state Route 49.

The waterline is needed so a proposed QuikTrip gasoline/convenience store can be built on 6.2 acres of land at 6436 Brookville-Salem Road.

QuikTrip officials are proposing to build a store with fueling pumps on the property.

Plans call for 10 auto dispensers out front of the convenience store and a section for semi-truck fueling.

There will be parking spaces for truck customers at the side and the rear of the building. There will also be customer parking available around the building,

Steve Stanley, from the Montgomery County Transportation Infrastructure District (TID), the county department hired by the trustees to manage the project and serve as their negotiator, said QuikTrip officials are “advancing the project.”

“They have contacted all the owners of property they were asked to contract for private easements for the waterline located behind the limited access right-of-way ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) holds on state Route 49,” Stanley said.

“My understanding is they have had responses from two of the owners and those responses are positive,” Stanley said.

Stanley said a third property owner has responded back and QuikTrip officials are still negotiating with the owner.

“It hasn’t been a positive response from that property owner at this point,” Stanley said.

Stanley noted two of the property owners contacted by QuikTrip officials have yet to respond.

The plan is to install the water line on the west side of state Route 49.

Stanley said an alternative plan is needed if the QuikTrip officials are unable to secure all the easements from the property owners.

“I have contacted ODOT and said I think we need to set a deadline by which, if it’s not possible for the private easements to be obtained, we begin to look at the process of potentially permitting the waterline to be placed in the limited access right-of-way,” Stanley said.

“ODOT has asked me to describe all that to them and hopefully we will be able to set a specific schedule from there,” Stanley said.

“I think that’s the key of the project moving forward,” Stanley added.

Stanley also informed the trustees Clayton City Manager Amanda Zimmerlin has expressed interest in participating in the waterline project.

“I met with the Clayton city manager, who indicated she would like to tap into the waterline to provide water access to the old village of Clayton,” Stanley said.

“It appears the city has the money to do that and is willing to participate in the cost of the main waterline coming down state Route 49,” Stanley continued.

Stanley noted adding the city of Clayton to the project would be a benefit to all parties.

“What that has the potential of doing is saving money for everybody if the cost of that waterline is shared in some acceptable fashion,” Stanley said.

Stanley said an agreement was being drafted that will enable the city of Clayton to participate in the project.

Stanley, however, said extending the waterline to the old village of Clayton might be done as a separate project.

“It’s uncertain how that will work at this point,” Stanley said.

Stanley advised that since the city of Clayton has expressed interest in joining the waterline installation project, it is a good idea for all parties to sign a memorandum of understanding.

Stanley noted a memorandum of understanding was earlier proposed by QuikTrip, but he said he didn’t think it was necessary since the project at that time only involved QuikTrip and the township.

But Stanley said he changed his mind when the city of Clayton expressed interest in joining the project.

“The memorandum of understanding QuikTrip originally proffered to the trustees, I didn’t think we needed that, but with Clayton wanting to be part of the project, there is value in having that memorandum of understanding so there is a clear path about what everybody is agreeing to do,” Stanley said.

“It is just an expression of how we will all approach this with more parties involved in the project,” Stanley added.

Stanley said the memorandum of understanding is expected to be complete by the end of August.

“At your September meeting, you should be looking at what I consider to be the final version of the MOU with all the parties agreeing to it at that point, QuikTrip included,” Stanley said

“That sets the stage for going forward with the project,’ Stanley added.

Stanley also said since the proposed location of the QuikTrip store is located in the Clay Township/city of Clayton Joint Economic Development District (JEDD), the TID staff, is looking at what “the township’s options are to implement some tax increment financing legislation to affect some of those business-oriented properties that are already zoned for that purpose.”

“I think we are ready to come forward with the specific recommendation to you, probably at your next meeting, recommending that you put a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) resolution on your agenda, act on it and designate at least the QuikTrip property for TIF legislation, which would, in the long run, help you pay your share of the waterline,” Stanley said.

Stanley said the trustees approving a TIF resolution at their September meeting will “at least designate the QuikTrip property for future tax increment financing as that development occurs.”

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