Aryan literature found in Clayton area


By Ron Nunnari

[email protected]

CLAYTON — Saturday evening Clayton residents were shocked when they found literature tossed in their driveway by the Aryan Freedom Network.

The literature was contained in Ziploc Baggies along with a small amount of white rice. One side of the literature had the organization’s name and trademark and website address along with a disclaimer stating, “Distributed randomly without malicious intent.”

The opposite side of the literature contained various images, one stating “Straight Pride” with a silhouette image of a male and female holding hands with gender symbols for men and women. The silhouette images were like what would be found on a public restroom door denoting facilities for men or women.

Other literature stated, “It’s OK to be white.”

Clayton Police said that it is a freedom of speech issue, but those tossing the literature into driveways could possibly be charged with littering if they were caught in the act.

“The Clayton Police Department is aware of an organization’s propaganda distributed in various areas of the community this past weekend. If it’s determined any violation of city statutes occurred, appropriate next steps will be followed,” said Chief Matt Hamlin.

Englewood and Union police departments stated they had no reports of literature being distributed in their jurisdictions.

The Aryan Freedom Network appears to be based in Texas. A statement at the top of the organization’s website states, “There are thousands of governments and organizations working for the interests of non-Whites. How many organizations stand up for the cultural values, security, and ideals of White People? Not many; as a result, we are faced with reverse discrimination in government, churches, schools, jobs, promotions and scholarships. Busing for forced integration, gun control, abortion, anti-white movies, music and television programs. In short, a society oriented to the wishes of Replacing Whites. The Aryan Freedom Network is unapologetic committed to the interests, ideas, security and cultural values of the White Race. We are determined to protect our Race from going into extinction. We are fast and strong because we have never compromised the Truth.”

It contains a link for those interested in joining.

Reach Ron Nunnari at [email protected].

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