Brookville to reconstruct intersection


BROOKVILLE — Planning commission approved the record plan for the intersection of Hay Avenue and Sycamore Street.

“This is part of the Hay Avenue phase two reconstruction project,” Brookville Law Director Rod Stephan said.

“The city is proposing to widen the right-of-way along Hay Avenue and Sycamore Street.” Stephan continued.

Stephan said planning commission’s approval of the record plan will establish a new right-of-way.

“It is dedicating 0.025 acres,” Stephan said.

“We’re putting some sidewalk in there along Sycamore which will give us a little more room there,” Stephan explained.

“We are trying to square up that intersection and we are also straightening out the curve on Hay Avenue a little bit,” Brookville City Manager Sonja Keaton added.

Keaton said the city is preparing to seek bids for the Hay Avenue phase two project.

At the July meeting, planning commission member Ken Claggett asked Stephan if the request for house building permits were down.

“They are slowing down from previous months,” Stephan replied.

“I think that’s partly a by-product of recent subdivisions Meadows of Brookville and Hunters Run, section 2A being full,” Stephan continued.

Stephan said although the request for building permits are down, the construction of new homes is taking place.

“Arbor Homes has begun work on the subdivision located at the corner of Upper Lewisburg-Salem and Albert roads,” Stephan noted.

Stephan also indicated the city is working to get Hunters Run, section 2B started.

“There’s some additional lots there,” Stephan said.

“We’ve also had a few homes that have recently been built on lots that have been available for a long time,’ Stephan said.

Stephan indicated there are some additional projects city staff is working on to increase housing in the city.

“There’s a strong demand for housing in Brookville and we’re working on trying to provide additional options,” Stephan said.

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