McMaken grove built in honor of family


BROOKVILLE — Golden Gate Park is the home of a new grove.

The grove was requested and financed by Jack McMaken, owner of McMaken’s IGA supermarket, 1 McMaken Lane, in Brookville.

“He’s actually having the grove built for his family. At first he was going to build the grove to honor his wife, Sandy, (who died in 2022), but he decided to add two more benches (at the grove),” Brookville park board member Bonnie Cordes said.

The grove, located near the Jack and Ruthanne Strausburg grove, was designed and built by Aaron Osswald, of ARE Landscaping in Brookville.

Cordes said the McMaken grove was built around a crabapple tree that was already planted in memory of Sandy.

Cordes noted two benches were placed at the site of the crabapple tree at the time of the tree’s planting.

“The two benches were placed there in honor of his wife and his mother and father,” Cordes said.

“Their names are already engraved on the two benches,’” Cordes added.

Cordes said the crabapple tree will remain and will be near the back area of the grove in the center.

Cordes said the tree will be surrounded by various foliage including geraniums and Red Devil Knock Out roses.

“Sandy really loved Devil Knock Out roses,” Cordes said.

Cordes said the grove can be entered from the walking path that begins at the Brookville Community Theater parking lot, crosses Wolf creek and goes to the parking area inside the park.

Cordes said the McMaken grove, like the Strausburg grove, will be a benefit to people who visit the park, located at 545 Upper Lewisburg-Salem Road.

“I have yet to be in the park when I don’t see someone down there using the picnic tables and having kids running around the grove area and the parents sitting in the grove,” Cordes said of the Strausburg grove.

“It is definitely enjoyed by the community and I figure the McMaken grove will do the same thing. It would be something families would enjoy,” Cordes said.

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