A LOOK AT BROOKVILLE:Soldiers Memorial at Pyrmont Cemetery


BROOKVILLE — Chester Welbaum of Pyrmont, Ohio led a drive to provide a memorial for Pyrmont Veterans of all wars to be erected at Pyrmont Cemetery in February 1968.

Mr. Welbaum was the caretaker of the cemetery and also an active member of the American Legion. He enlisted the assistance of the local chapter of the American Legion for the project. Donations for the fund drive could be made at the Brookville National Bank.

In February 1969, a total of $750 had been pledged and names of Pyrmont men who served had been collected. Finally they had enough money to be able to order the large granite marker.

On Memorial Day 1969, the new War Memorial was dedicated at the Cemetery. A large crowd of 200 or more gathered to hear the Brookville High School Band play, hear the dedication speeches, prayers, the American Legion Firing Squad do a Salute to the Dead and taps.

Names of Pyrmont men were inscribed on this monument beginning from the time of the Revolutionary War. Conrad Witters was listed from the Revolutionary War. His grave is located near the pump.

Four names were listed from the War of 1812, two names listed from the Mexican War, 33 names from the Civil War, three from the Spanish American War, ten names from World War I. Additional names from later wars are now listed on the back of the monument. This memorial monument still stands at the Pyrmont Cemetery.

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