Eaton grad to represent Onyx Winterguard


EATON — Arianna Watkins, a 2021 graduate of Eaton High School auditioned for a world-class Winterguard program and was signed to their Independent A team for this season, according to Watkins former coach Lisa White.

“Many don’t know that Winterguard and Colorguard originated here in the Dayton area over 60 years ago. Each year, teams from all over the world travel here to Dayton to compete on a world level. Groups from China, the Netherlands, Greenland, London, and France just to name a few. Arianna will compete around the Dayton Area, Indianapolis, and Michigan,” White said.

Watkins will represent Onyx.

“Onyx Winterguard is one of the top programs in the world making finals several times,” White said in a press release. “This is a huge deal for Arianna, and it is her dream to spin for a group like this. I’ve taught many students at the high school level, and I can teach them the fundamentals, performance and teamwork, but the passion has to come from them. Arianna was one of those students who pushed herself beyond the limit because she loves this performing art so much.”

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