Guess What’s New in Reading?


Get ready for October and a spooky Halloween with everything from haunting ghosts to wickedly, terrifying reality. Here are some of our favorite creepy books…but beware! Chills, spooks and nightmares may follow. Do you think you’re ready? Then let’s do it!

Those Who Wish Me Dead – by author Michael Koryta: A 14 year boy witnesses a brutal murder. He is taken off the grid by authorities to protect him. The killers known as the Blackwell Brothers are slaughtering anyone who gets in their way. The boy is sent to Montana to a couple who own a wilderness survival program. The couple and a fire-watcher in a tower deep in the mountains are his only hope to survive. The clock is ticking, the mountains are burning and those who wish him dead are no longer far behind. This is author Michael Koryta’s newest thriller and New York Times bestselling book.

The Lost Village – by author Camilla Sten: This book is a tale of a village that seems to have lost its mine work and its money and then disappeared. A small film crew gathered together in the remote village to make a film about what really happened. A descendant of someone who got out of the village revealed that all was not as it seemed back then. She shares stories told to her as a child and discovers the mine may have something in it that took everyone away. This is the best mystery thriller of the year!

Hemlock Island – by author Kelley Armstrong: Here we have a seemingly normal mystery. The husband gives her this beautiful island hideaway for her writing. As an aspiring author she hopes to one day live there. Until that time she rents it out to travelers. When the last group has left it trashed. She goes out to clean up, they have disappeared and she is steamed. Upon arrival she finds a group she could have done without, her ex, a lady after her ex and the lady’s brother. Who invited them? Things go from bad to worse and tensions are high but when people start disappearing again. Is it murder or something else? There are secrets and whispers in the woods…this is anything but a normal mystery.

Holly – by author Stephen King: King’s new novel finds Holly Gibney on her own and up against a pair of unimaginably depraved and brilliantly disguised adversaries. Holly must summen all her formidable talents to out-think and out maneuver the shocking twisted professors in this chilling new masterword from Stephen King. She will solve the gruesome murders cropping up in a midwestern town. I have read numerous Stephen King books but have not read my copy of this yet. King’s books are like candy for the brain. Let’s read it together.

British Library Tales of the Weird – by authors Mike Ashley, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Daisy Butcher and 13 more: This is a collection for those who love vintage noir and horrors. The Platform Edge is about the greatest stories of strange happenings from Europe and America to the pressing dark of the London underground. This is the perfect traveling companion for an unforgettable journey into the supernatural. Enjoy these tales of horror that are each about 15-20 minutes long. By-the-way, screaming when someone knocks on your door is optional.

All these books contain mysteries as well as some chills, spooks and nightmares. Have a happy October and Halloween!

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