Writers supporting Vonderhaar for commission



We are writing to show our continued support for Rachael Vonderhaar, who is running for re-election for Preble County Commissioner.

She has a strong desire to see the success of farms and businesses in our communities of Preble County. We have known Rachael for 20-plus years. Her personal faith in God has been unwavering, with this faith, her vision has always been to raise her children and preserve the heritage we hold true in Preble County. This county has a long heritage of family farms and I want it to continue this way.

She also has a strong desire help those in need and continues to volunteer her extra time to do this. I appreciate her devotion to her faith, family and this counties communities. I could not think of a better candidate to continue to represent the families, the farms and the businesses of Preble County.

Please join us in voting for Racheal Vonderhaar for re-election as Preble County Commissioner.

Will and Tammy Watkins


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