Group to build hotel in Eaton


EATON — During its Monday, Feb. 19, meeting, Eaton City Council approved two resolutions which will help a group of investors finally build a hotel in the city.

The hotel could be completed and in use by early fall 2025.

“We’ve been working with the Eaton Hospitality Group, a group of investors, for several years now. It is their desire to build a 66-room, Cobblestone brand hotel with a conference room and some other amenities. This will be over $11 million project, with construction starting later this year,” City Manager Brad Collins told council.

Council went on to approve a resolution authorizing a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Agreement with the Eaton Hospitality Group. According to the resolution, EHG is “investing in the construction of a hotel at 121 East Washington-Jackson Road. EHG is proposing an approximate $11,560,000 improvement to the above location and wishes to receive development incentives provided by the CRA. Said project and production to create a minimum of three new full-time, permanent and 10 part-time job opportunities once the project is completed, which is set for Sept. 1, 2025.”

Council unanimously approved the resolution which grants Eaton Hospitality Group a 15-year, 50 percent tax exemption for the project.

Council also approved a resolution authorizing a “permit fee reduction incentive” with the group. The resolution noted, “whereas Eaton Hospitality Group, located in Eaton, Ohio plans to construct a hotel that will add $11,560,000 in improvements to the community and create several new jobs within the next two years, creating an additional $250,000 in new payroll, and whereas approval of a permit fee reduction incentive in a major factor in Eaton Hospitality Group’s decision in moving forward with the project, and whereas council hereby finds and determines the project will 1) create jobs in the state and city, 2) is economically sound and will benefit the people of the state and city by increasing employment opportunities and strengthening the economy of the state and city and 3) receiving a reduction in building permit fees is a major factor in EHG’s decision to go forward with the project.”

The permit fee reduction agreement provides EHG with a 25 percent reduction in any city building permit fee and not to exceed $25,000 for any permits requested for the project between February 2024 and September 2025.

The city is also waiving sewer and water tap fees and capacity fees for both water and sewer for the project.

In other business, council also authorized a CRA with Reid Health Properties LLC, furthering along the long-awaited Kroger project. Reid Health is investing in a medical and retail services facility at 1705 N. Barron Street (the Reid/Kroger facility announced for the former Kmart facility last year.) According to the resolution, RHP is proposing “an approximate $20,695,687 improvement to the location. The project is expected to create approximately 50 full-time equivalent positions while retaining 64 positions, generating approximately $1,500,000 in taxable income once it is complete, which is set for December 2025.

Council approved unanimously the CRA granting RHP a 10 year, 50 percent tax exemption for the project.

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