Where did I put that?


You already know I’m a bit weird and a lot forgetful but the last year has really taxed my brain, especially my memory.

It was not that good a couple of years before that, but when I couldn’t remember the words to my favorite ‘50s and ‘60s music, I feared the worst.

Some nights I would lay in bed singing to myself the music and making up the lyrics. Some of them were easy, like Louis, Louie. Who knew what the lyrics were?

Back to the point of this post. When we were getting ready for the auction and eventually the move from Preble County to Texas, I had lots of help and some things got thrown away that shouldn’t have been.

I made one helper climb in the dumpster to rescue some of my swim wear because no woman my age wants to shop for a swimsuit. The two that I had were bought on my last trip to Florida and I loved them.

Now that I am somewhat settled here in the Lone Star state, summer is fast approaching and my college roomie, Susie, is making plans to come here in early June. We plan to hang out at the pool in the mornings and then shop and eat the rest of the day.

With that in mind I started looking for my swimsuits that were rescued from the dumpster, at least I thought they were. I spent at least two hours for two days going through every drawer and unpacked box looking for my stuff. I finally gave up and decided to just buy a couple new ones.

I knew I wanted the exact brand I had before, but I couldn’t remember what it was. I tried googling the store on Ft. Myers Beach where I bought them. I took a chance and sent an email and got a response with the answer to my question. I quickly got on the right website and saw what I was looking for and put my order in. It arrived in a few days and was perfect so I ordered another one.

Last week I was looking for my Vera Bradley bag, which I knew I had brought with me so I retracted my steps that I did looking for the swimsuits, but never found it. I did that for three days in a row.

On my last time searching, I opened the suitcases that I had sent here with the mover and guess what? My swimsuits were in there! Now I have four swimsuits but not my bag.

Every day, I continue to look for my bag hoping that I get another surprise and find it. And I did! It was hanging on a hanger with my dresses. I had probably looked right at it a hundred times and wondered why I put it there, but hey, who cares, I found it.

I still have a few items I’m missing, besides my mind, so if I pretend I’m looking for something else, I’ll probably find what it is I’m actually looking for. Does that make any sense? It does if you’re my age!

Kaye Brown is a former resident of Preble County who now resides in Texas. Reach Kaye Brown at [email protected].

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