Blue Devils place 5th at Roosevelt Memorial Invitational


DAYTON — The Brookville boys track team placed 5th out of 19 teams while the girls team was 14th Saturday at the Roosevelt Memorial track invitational.

Coy Hyre, who set a new state record in the 100 meter dash in 10.48 seconds during the Wayne Invitational on April 26, continued his winning ways by placing 1st in the 100 meters at the Roosevelt Memorial with a time of 10.64.

Kory Davis placed 3rd in the 110 meter high hurdles in 15.18 seconds with Marcus Hughbanks of Batavia 1st in 14.83 and Jussiah Williams-West of Wayne 2nd in 15.15.

Davis placed 2nd in the 300 hurdles in 39.85 seconds with Hughbanks 1st at 38.86. Brookville’s Jayden Resor was 11th at 45.29.

The Blue Devils placed 7th in the 4×200 relay (Moore, Mehr, Adams, Bench) in 1:32.38. Pickerington Central (Brazzell, Coates, McCoy, Scott) took 1st in 1:25.98.

Brookville was 2nd in the 4×400 relay (Adams, Bench, Hyre, Moore) in 3:29.15. Princeton was 1st at 3:26.05.

Lucas Tipton placed third in the 1600 meter run in 4:39.40 with Aiden Clendenin of Valley View 1st (4:36.78) and Yohannes Birhane of Wayne 2nd (4:37.23).

The Blue Devils placed 4th in the 4×100 relay (Adams, Bench, Davis, Hyre) in 43.36 seconds. Wayne took 1st (42.24), South Point 2nd (42.65), and Princeton 3rd (42.92).

Keegan Mehr finished 11th in the 400 dash in 52.98 seconds. Dale Inman was 15th in 54.35. Jared Farley of Princeton took 1st (49.79).

Mehr placed 7th in the high jump at 5 feet, 6 inches. Coen Henderson was 15th at 5 feet, 2 inches. Ka’maurri Smith of Wayne was 1st at 6 feet, 2 inches.

Alex Kidwell placed 8th in the long jump at 18 feet, 9.25 inches. James Booth finished 13th at 17 feet, 5.25 inches. Key’Shawn Garret of Wayne was 1st at 22 feet, 2 inches.

Garrett Peters placed 8th in the discus at 126 feet, 2 inches. Alex Stacy finished 11th at 114 feet, 9 inches. Devon Strobel of Troy was 1st at 174 feet, 10 inches.

Xavier Stacy placed 2nd in the shot put at 50 feet, 4.75 inches. Peters finished 12th at 36 feet, 5.25 inches. Derrick Taylor of South Point was 1st at 54 feet.

Hunter Gibson finished 10th in the pole vault at 10 feet while Samuel Hester was 13th at 8 feet. Eric Pugh of Wayne took 1st at 15 feet.

Girls results

The Lady Devils finished 13th in the 4×200 relay (Luebke, Haupt, Puskas, Barr). Princeton was 1st in 1:39.68.

Hunter Gardner placed 4th in the 1600 meter run in 5:58.55. Lauren Burns of Princeton took 1st in 5:34.18.

Brookville finished 10th in the 4×100 relay (Hoover, Puskas, Poppaw, Peters) in 54.05 seconds. Princeton was 1st in 46.97.

Lilly Wilson finished 11th in the 400 meter dash at 1:04.92 with Madelyn Tarkany 18th at 1:08.26. Brooklyn Wineburg of Walnut Hills was 1st at 59.15 seconds.

Logan Barr placed 8th in the 300 hurdles in 49.96 seconds with Alyssa Lackey 18th in 57.37. Abeer Seneen of Wayne was 1st in 47.39.

Brookville placed 7th in the 4×400 relay (Barr, Peters, Haupt, Wilson) in 4:27.08. Pickerington Central took 1st in 4:03.43.

Mallory Hoover tied for 3rd in the high jump with Eulayah Terry of Princeton at 4 feet, 8 inches. Kenli Romine finished 10th at 4 feet, 4 inches. Selena Frost of West Carrollton was 1st at 5 feet.

Logan Barr placed 3rd in the long jump at 16 feet, 1.5 inches while Ava Peters finished 13th at 13 feet, 11 inches. Tazara Prophett of Walnut Hills took 1st at 17 feet, .50 inches.

Emily Miller placed 8th in the discus at 98 feet, 7 inches while Megan Luebke finished 18th at 76 feet, 2 inches. Aleeyah Betts of Princeton took 1st at 129 feet, 7 inches.

Miller finished 17th in the shot put at 26 feet, 8.25 inches. Tatyana Green of Troy was 1st at 38 feet.

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