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I’m in charge here!


You cannot make me do that! I absolutely will not make a U-turn and get back to where you want me to be!

A Lingo Lesson


Last week found me in sixth-grade classrooms across Preble County talking about the mineral resources found across Ohio. I spoke on the coal, limestone, sandstone, sand and gravel, salt, and clay mined in Ohio, in addition to some other minerals found in the United States but not in Ohio.

Buzzards and spring


Buzzards probably aren’t the bird that first comes to the mind of most folks when thinking about spring.

Where did I put that?


You already know I’m a bit weird and a lot forgetful but the last year has really taxed my brain, especially my memory.

‘Mountains and Molehills’


Last week found my two youngest sons and me in the Mountain State on a bit of a personal errand. A good friend offered a used car to my middle son, Sammy, and the only catch was, we had to go pick it up. We were on the road before daylight on Monday morning in a borrowed truck and trailer to go after a gently used Ford Festiva, just outside of Charleston, West Virginia.

Tasting spring


Whoopee! We’ve made it through another winter. Spring has officially arrived!

Going back home


Can you ever go back home? No, of course not, but you can go back to where you used to live and visit your friends and family. Yeah, I thought so, too.

A day for indulging


Can you believe it? We’re already two weeks deep into March!

March a fiery month in some ways


Through the years March seemed to offer much fire department news.

Last of the Line


As a child growing up on the farm, I didn’t give much thought at the time to the sounds around me. They were nothing out of the ordinary, really, just everyday sounds in the soundtrack of my life. Somehow, certain sounds can stick with a person as the years go by and ring loudly in my ears today.


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