Brookville submits 2 OPWC applications


BROOKVILLE — Council approved two resolutions that will allow the city to prepare and submit applications allowing the city to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission’s state capital improvement and/or local transportation improvement programs and to execute contracts as required for two planned street projects.

The two projects are:

• Hay Avenue Roadway (Phase III)

• Main Street waterline replacement (phase II).

City manager Sonja Keaton informed council at the Aug. 1 council meeting she plans to request a loan from OPWC to fund the Hay Avenue roadway phase III project in order to come close to the amount of points the city received last year from OPWC for last year’s phase II project.

“We were fortunate that our Hay Avenue Phase II project received approval with 41 points,” Keaton said.

Keaton said the only way she can get 41 points this year on the Hay Avenue Phase III project is to submit the project as a 100 percent loan.

“Therefore, I would like to submit this project as a 100 percent loan over a 30-year period at a zero percent interest rate,” Keaton said.

Keaton said the total cost of the Hay Avenue Roadway Phase III project is $984,850.

Keaton said she also plans to submit the Main Street waterline project (phase II) as a 100 percent loan over a 25- or 30-year period at a zero percent interest.

Keaton said the project cost for the Main Street phase II waterline replacement project is $373,195.

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