Sonja Keaton to retire as city manager


BROOKVILLE — Sonja Keaton announced her retirement as city manager at the Sept. 5 city council meeting.

“It is with heavy heart that I am announcing my retirement with the city of Brookville effective Feb. 9, 2024,” Keaton said.

“Later this month I will begin my 31st year with the city in several different capacities and I am pleased to report that we have seen significant projects come to fruition over the last 30 years,” Keaton continued.

Brookville Mayor Chuck Letner reluctantly acknowledged Keaton’s announcement.

“I know it was coming – and I don’t want to see it come – but we’ve worked well together through the years and I want to thank you for your service and everything you’ve done for the city,” Letner said.

“I couldn’t ask for anybody better,” Letner continued.

Letner praised Keaton for her dedication to the city and its citizens.

“You have been a great asset in your thinking and your mannerisms,” Letner said.

“You take pride in everything you do, not just because you are a resident, but because you are an employee,” Letner continued.

Letner said finding an individual to replace someone of Keaton’s caliber will be a tough task.

“It’s going to be a process. We’ve got some other cities that are looking for a manager, so we’re going to have to step up to the table and get the best possible individual,” Letner said.

Keaton was named interim city manager in 2019 after Gary Burkhold resigned from the position.

Keaton was appointed to the city manager position in July of 2019.

Keaton began her career with the city of Brookville in September of 1993 as a deputy clerk.

Keaton became the city’s director of finance in 2000, a position she held for more than 19 years.

While serving as the finance director, Keaton was named assistant city manager in 2010.

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