R-H Staff


EATON — Brenda K. White, Preble County Treasurer, is notifying all Preble County taxpayers that according to Section 5721.03 of the Ohio Revised Code, a list of current year delinquent property owners will be published in the paper the weeks of Oct. 9. and Oct.16.

To avoid publication, a taxpayer may pay the delinquent taxes or enter into a written payment plan contract with the county treasurer before 48 hours of the publication. To avoid any additional interest charges, taxpayers may pay delinquent taxes or may enter into a written payment plan agreement before Dec. 1, 2023.

White also advises taxpayers that if there has been a transfer of property ownership during the past year, taxpayers should contact the treasurer’s office to confirm payment of taxes. Also, anyone having an escrow account may want to make sure their taxes have been paid by the bank.

The Preble County Treasurer urges anyone with questions regarding the payment of their taxes to contact her office at 937-456-8140.

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