A LOOK AT BROOKVILLE:Dr. Mark Howett, Sr., veterinarian


BROOKVILLE — Dr. Mark Howett was a local veterinarian who resided on the East side of South Wolf Creek Pike just South of Westbrook Road. Dr. Howett and his wife were an active part of Brookville history for over 60 years. Dr. Howett married Reatha McNelly on February 14, 1917.

In May 1914, he was the new veterinarian in town, succeeding Dr. Pyper. He graduated from the Ohio State University Veterinarian College in 1914. In one of his early advertisements, he stated that anyone wishing dental work done on horses to please bring them on Saturdays.

In August 1914 a music club was organized in Brookville with 90 members. Dr. Howett was in charge of one of the programs. He was a well-trained vocalist, having studied under the best teachers in Dayton and Columbus.

In 1929 and early 1930s, on the Howett farm on Wolf Creek Pike they raised chickens, sold eggs, and operated a dairy. They operated under the name of the Ridgewood Poultry Farm. They advertised large type super-quality leghorns eggs all weighed and chicks vigorous and uniform.

In December 1929, they held a poultry feeding and housing for winter egg production meeting at their farm. An extension specialist from the Ohio State University led the discussion. In their dairy they sold bottled milk and they had the bottles embossed with the Howett name on them.

Dr. and Mrs. Howett were also involved in the Family Health Program project. They hosted the first meeting at their home in January 1933. Teeth and Health were the subjects discussed.

Dr. Howett was the veterinarian for the Montgomery County Fair and for the Shrine Horse Show for many years. He also was a State Veterinarian from 1929 to 1941, testing cattle for tuberculosis and brucellosis.

Along with his Veterinary work, “Doc” Howett was a member of the Community United Methodist Church and the Masonic Blue Lodge. His wife, Reatha served with many organizations and helped in the local Public Library for many years. She had marked musical talent and had received advanced instructions in instrumental music.

Dr. and Mrs. Howett had four children. He passed away at his residence on February 14, 1975.

All information and the photo for this Look at Brookville article were supplied by the Brookville Historical Society. Do you have a photo or historical information to share or add? Please contact the Brookville Historical Society at 937-833-0285 or email to [email protected].

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