Being thankful; letting the positives lead


It’s getting closer to Thanksgiving and whether you celebrate it or not, it is a good time of the year to think about what we appreciate in our lives. I’m sure we will hear some of the standards, like our family, friends, God, our homes, food on our tables, clean water to drink, our jobs, etc.; but what about those people that don’t have those things? Its hard to imagine not having some of these in our lives. And maybe for some people it’s normal for them to not have some of these things, but there are at least a couple of these that we need to survive in our journey here on earth.

There’s a southern gentleman, named Greg, on TikTok (@gregisms) that posts short videos and his message in most his videos are “Find Your Joy.” He is a teacher and works in an elementary school and he talks about the unique things that he hears or observes from his students or with interacting with others being out and about. Some of these things can sound really bad or negative, but Greg pulls out the positive and ends it with “find your joy.” He recognizes that not everyone’s joy is the same as others. We all have things we like and don’t like and just because someone else may not get the same enjoyment out of it, doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. He also shows that we can let these negative things overpower us or we can turn it around to something positive. This is a great message for all of us, especially during the holidays and the end of warm weather, and this time change. It all affects us in some way, whether we realize that or not.

It’s okay to ask for help or to let your doctor or someone close to you know that you are feeling down or anxious about whatever is happening. Why do we as adults, say one thing, but then don’t do that action of that thing that is said? For example, we encourage our youth to talk to someone about feeling down, overwhelmed, needing help, being bullied, not having items that we need to survive; but as adults we choose to bottle that up and not seek help when we need it. Why can’t we make it OK to do this as adults? We are all humans and honestly none of us are the superheroes that we read in the comics or the movies, but even then, those superheroes don’t have it all together either, they aren’t flawless and neither are we. We all have flaws, we make mistakes, we have ups and downs, BUT we can get through it and most times all we had to do was ask for help or let someone know we are struggling. Please don’t feel like you are alone because you are not.

Did you know that our Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal for our seniors who receive it? It’s also a wellness check, a friend, socialization, a friendly face, sometimes the only person they see that day. Its something they look forward to each day. We sometimes do more than just bring in their lunch meal that day. If needed, we can grab their mail for them, pull trash cans out or take their trash out (for those who have no family around or close friends.) We also make sure that if we notice any changes in their mental state or that they haven’t been feeling well for a couple days, we talk to their emergency contact. If they don’t answer their door or we don’t see them, we call later that day to check on them and their emergency contact, and if there is still worry, we call the police to do another check on them. We must see our Meals on Wheels seniors each day we deliver. It’s also something that family members who live far away appreciate because their parents or aunts or uncles are being seen throughout the week. So, it’s more than a meal that gets delivered. Don’t forget about Giving Tuesday on November 28th, where all donations go towards Sponsor-A-Senior Program for our Meals on Wheels program. Donations can be sent in via mail, online, or in person.

Don’t forget that we have our Bi-Annual Don Vaughn Dessert Auction on Nov. 21, at 1:30 pm. Danny Boggs and his team are our auctioneers and all monies raised go towards activities at the center. We need donations of desserts and people to come bid on these desserts. It’s a great way to get something to take to your Thanksgiving meal. Desserts can be brought the day of the auction before the auction starts. We appreciate each and everyone in the past that has helped with this and continue to help.

Overall, please think about what you are thankful for this season, and I encourage you to take all your negative thoughts or feelings and turn them around into something positive like Greg does. Greg gives a great story to make you smile as well. Also, please always remember it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Preble County Council on Aging Senior Center is located at 800 East St. Clair Street, Eaton. For more information, call 937-456-4947 or 1-800-238-5146 or email [email protected].

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