900 boxes of cereal fall like dominoes


BROOKVILLE — The Westbrook gymnasium was filled Monday, Nov. 20, with excited Brookville Elementary students.

They were excited because they were about to witness an unique event involving cereal boxes.

The boxes were aligned in the center of the gymnasium floor as if they were cardboard dominoes.

The plan was to tip a cereal box at each end of the display and watch each box tip the next box into the next box until all the boxes had fallen.

Approximately 900 boxes of cereal were placed in a dominoes design and then tipped over, much to the excitement of a gymnasium filled with elementary students who cheered as each box toppled onto the next box until all boxes were on their side.

A little help was needed a few times to keep the string of falling boxes going, but all in all, the event was a huge success.

The event was also successful because after all the boxes of cereal landed on their side, they left the Westbrook gymnasium and were transported to the FISH food pantry, located at the Brookville Church of the Brethren, 220 Western Avenue.

According to Brookville Elementary Principal Shawn Thomas, the cereal boxes were part of a school-wide food drive that was recently held after superintendent Jason Wood made an announcement the food pantry was low on supplies.

The canned goods and non-perishable items were already delivered to the food pantry with the cereal boxes to come after the dominoes event was complete.

A student in Jessica Vince’s third grade class received the honors to start the tumbling of the boxes on one side of the layout.

Vince’s class won the opportunity after collecting the most food items.

Will Stammen was selected to set the tumbling in motion from the other side of the layout.

What took considerable time to assemble took a little more than a minute to undo.

But the work it took to set up the boxes was well worth it in the end.

According to Thomas, the 900 boxes of cereal were the most the food pantry has ever received.

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