Clay Township trustees rehire Garlitz


CLAY TOWNSHIP — Trustee chairperson Angela Howell and trustee Kevin Wrightsman voted to rehire Kevin Garlitz as part-time township zoning administrator at an 8 a.m. Monday, Feb. 5, special meeting.

Howell and Wrightsman also voted to pay Garlitz $24.45 an hour, the same hourly figure approved by former trustees Dale Winner, Duane Heuker and Kyle Groh on Monday, Jan. 8.

Howell, reading from the resolution to rehire Garlitz, stated “the Clay Township Board of Trustees recognizes the need to have a proven and professional zoning administrator.”

“The Clay Township Board of Trustees previously employed Kevin Garlitz as the Clay Township zoning administrator from Aug. 3, 2021 to Jan. 11, 2024” where he “performed all duties at an exemplary level,” Howell stated from the resolution.

“While as zoning administrator, Kevin Garlitz gained the respect and support of the Clay Township zoning commission and the board of zoning appeals members,” Howell continued reading.

Howell also stated from the resolution that “the board of trustees establishes that the position of zoning administrator is directly accountable to the board for all matters concerning the zoning administrator’s position.”

The approval of Garlitz’s increase on Jan. 8 received criticism from members of the police department, with several officers voicing their concerns to trustees at a special meeting held Wednesday, Jan. 10.

The day after the Jan. 10 special meeting Winner and Heuker resigned as trustees and Garlitz announced he was quitting in two weeks.

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