West Elkton WECARE group now official


WEST ELKTON — A group of volunteers with the common goal of making a difference and revitalizing the small Preble County village of West Elkton announced last week it had been granted non-profit status to help it along in its mission.

“WECARE (West Elkton Community Action Revitalization Effort) is thrilled to announce that it has been officially granted nonprofit status by the Internal Revenue Service, marking a significant milestone in its mission to revitalize and improve the West Elkton Village and community,” group representative Bill Crawford said in a release last week.

”This new status will enable WECARE to provide tax exemptions for donations, receive corporate matching donations, and accept contributions from other organizations looking to support the enhancement of the West Elkton community,” he continued.

“This will greatly expand our ability to make a positive impact in West Elkton.”

For more information, contact the WECARE Steering Team at: 937-422-2843, email [email protected] or visit the group on the social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and X.

WECARE invited others who want to make a positive difference in the West Elkton community to join in, and released its official logo in a post in December, and shared the story behind its creation:

”The gold in our logo represents West Elkton’s rich history as a hub for beekeepers and the production of golden honey for nearly a century. In 1927, young entrepreneur beekeeper Alan Eby was featured in the American Bee Journal, showcasing the West Elkton area as a leader in beekeeping and honey production. The iconic Eby Honey house and settling tank still stands in West Elkton today, now owned by the Leary family.”

It continued, “The red and black in our logo proudly represent the Preble Shawnee school colors, highlighting West Elkton’s integral role in the school community.

“Our logo’s simple yet meaningful design features friendly village homes, a connecting walkway, open doors, and a honeybee. These elements come together to form a big and bright smiley face, reflecting the warm and inviting nature of our small town. The bee in our logo also pays homage to West Elkton High School’s mascot, the Yellowjackets, before merging with Shawnee Arrows in 1957.

“Join WECARE and help us keep the West Elkton deep-rooted, vibrant spirit of our community alive!” the group encouraged volunteers.

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. at 937-683-4061 and follow on X @emowenjr.

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