Lewisburg honors 2 sheriff’s deputies


LEWISBURG — Two Preble County Sheriff’s deputies received honors at the March 21 Lewisburg council meeting.

Lewisburg Fire Chief BJ Sewert presented deputies Dane Boyd and Devin Smith with commendations for their assistance in a recent medical emergency call answered by the village fire and EMS department.

“We were called on an incident for someone who was having bleeding issues,” BJ Sewert said.

BJ Sewert said when the ambulance arrived, the two fire and EMS personnel (firefighter/paramedic Randy Anderson and EMT-A Cindy Pottenger) “were confronted with a critical situation.”

BJ Sewert said Anderson, realizing the severity of the situation, called for additional assistance.

BJ Sewert said shortly after Anderson requested help, deputies Boyd and Smith arrived on the scene.

“These two gentlemen showed up and provided a very invaluable service,” BJ Sewert said.

“Not only did they help the individual we were attending to, they also provided assistance to our two individuals we sent with the ambulance,” BJ Sewert continued.

BJ Sewert said Anderson drafted a letter and sent it to Preble County Sheriff Mike Simpson describing the assistance Boyd and Smith provided.

“They helped with the situation quite well and we’re proud of them,” BJ Sewert said.

In business matters, council approved a lease with the Tri-County North Community Association that will allow the organization to use the village’s community center, located at 261 E. Clay St., for bingo.

Village Law Director Steve Hobbs told council he prepared a 10-year lease agreement that is effective beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

“I generally just followed what has been done before. I just made some more specific instructions. If there should be any disagreement between the community association and the village about what goes on in the building, the village has control of that,” Hobbs said.

“Otherwise, it’s the same provisions. They are going to insure their stuff. We’re going to insure our stuff. We’re both going to have liability insurance that covers us up to a half million dollars and, according to the lease, they are paying for it,” Hobbs continued.

Hobbs added the village is providing the utilities.

In other matters, municipal manager Jeff Sewert briefly addressed the failure of Issue 1 at the March 19 primary election.

Issue 1 was an additional tax for village bridge, road and street construction and repair.

A total of 177 no votes were cast while 122 residents voted yes.

Jeff Sewert, who noted Issue 1 was a new levy, said “in this climate right now, passing a new levy is hard.”

“I don’t think we will be back with it in November,” Jeff Sewert said.

Jeff Sewert said he feared bringing the levy back in November may jeopardize the passage of several important renewal levies.

Jeff Sewert noted residents on March 19 did approve establishing a government electricity aggregate program (Issue 2) for the village.

A total of 157 yes votes were cast while 129 residents voted against it.

“The next step is who we want to manage that,” Jeff Sewert said.

Jeff Sewert said he has been discussing the issue with Amy Hoffman, customer service manager for Palmer Energy, in Toledo, Ohio.

Palmer Energy is a consultant company that works with various entities in an effort to secure the best possible electric and natural gas rates.

“We can go with the Preble County Commissioners or with the Miami Valley Communications Council,” Jeff Sewart said.

“We might have some more opportunities with the Miami Valley Communications Council,” Jeff Sewart said.

The MVCC, located in Centerville in Montgomery County, currently has a electric supplier contract with Energy Harbor, of Akron, Ohio, for residential and small commercial customers in communities located in Montgomery and Preble counties.

MVCC worked with Palmer Energy to secure the electric supplier contract.

Jeff Sewert said further discussions on the issue will take place at the April 4 council meeting.

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